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Cardboard diorama of Mendoza

An after-school project today with Solana and Frances.  The box diorama is something I learned from my friend Jim, who is now with Magic Smelt Puppet Troupe in Duluth, MN.

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House guests from Brazil

photo by Laura Sobenes Last week we said good-bye to three cyclists from Sao Paulo, Brazil.  They came to us via Santiago, Chile where they had gone to the see the Lallapalooza festival.  After many days lost in the black … Continue reading

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Actividades en nuestra comunidad

Ya que estamos de regreso del viaje en bicicleta, nos hemos vuelto a la rutina de nuestra vida en la ciudad.  Las chicas van al ‘cole’ desde las ocho horas hasta las doce y media.  Ya no van a la doble … Continue reading

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Would you like a bribe with your wine?

“Your vehicle registration is expired. See here? It should say 2012.” The officer at the road block held the green plasticized registration card at a distance, far enough so I could not make out the numbers, his thumb indicating the … Continue reading

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Canto para la Memoria

Illapu in concert; brief song excerpt As of 2002, March 24th in Argentina is recognized as the National Day of Memory for Truth and Justice.  On this day in 1976, a military coup brought to power what is called the … Continue reading

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Aconcagua through rose-colored glasses

Okay, who wears rose-colored glasses these days?  Well, if you don’t you should.  They enhance contrast and make the world seem, yes, brighter.  My sunglass lenses are more orange than rose, but the effect is much the same.  What’s my … Continue reading

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Hosting international guests

We jokingly comment that our apartment at times resembles an international hostel. Two nights ago we had 6 visitors staying with us, three in the guest room and three sleeping on the living room floor! This all started when I … Continue reading

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The all purpose bike bag

It’s a simple concept and very, very practical.  My friends at Two Wheel View turned me on to the idea of a simple cordura bike bag as a means of transporting bikes.  They provide decent protection and don’t require taking … Continue reading

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Topographical heterogeneity in the Argentine Andes

Now that I got your attention with that snappy, academic, post-modern heading, let’s begin. These are some panorama photos I took on my way up to Cerro Hielo Azul, a 2,260 meter peak outside of El Bolsón, Argentina.  (This was … Continue reading

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Caption contest: post a comment with your entry!

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