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Its a family affair. Solana and Frances and their mom and dad are in this together.

Local bus pulls out all the stops

Tour Peru promised me a direct bus from Puno to Cusco, no stops, no locals.  Not my usual way to travel, but it meant two hours less travel time.  However, when the bus made its first stop and a ‘bus … Continue reading

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Going native island style

Lake Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world at 12,500 feet above sea level and is 118 miles long.  About one third of the lake belongs to Bolivia, representing the country’s only port of call ever since Chile … Continue reading

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Landing at 4,000 meters

La Paz, Bolivia is the highest capital city in the world at 3,500 meters above sea level (the airport is at 4,000).  While living in Mendoza, hiking above this altitude involved acclimatizing for a day or two, so its no … Continue reading

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Cardboard diorama of Mendoza

An after-school project today with Solana and Frances.  The box diorama is something I learned from my friend Jim, who is now with Magic Smelt Puppet Troupe in Duluth, MN.

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Actividades en nuestra comunidad

Ya que estamos de regreso del viaje en bicicleta, nos hemos vuelto a la rutina de nuestra vida en la ciudad.  Las chicas van al ‘cole’ desde las ocho horas hasta las doce y media.  Ya no van a la doble … Continue reading

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Hosting international guests

We jokingly comment that our apartment at times resembles an international hostel. Two nights ago we had 6 visitors staying with us, three in the guest room and three sleeping on the living room floor! This all started when I … Continue reading

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Back “home” in Mendoza

On March 2, we arrived back in Mendoza from our bike tour after a 20-hour bus ride from San Martin de los Andes, exactly two months to the day since leaving Mendoza on January 2.  (Above photo taken in Parque … Continue reading

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Anectdotes from the road…por entregas No. 2

Although we have a rough idea of an itinerary, we are not on a schedule.  We don’t have to be anywhere by a given date.  Even if we did have a schedule, we would have to abandon it.  The road … Continue reading

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Lessons from the road…por entregas No. 1

Here in northern Patagonia, cyclists abound.  When we come across one another, we often stop to check in:  Where are you from?  Coming from where?  Going where?  How is the road?  Where can we camp?  Was there much traffic?  And, … Continue reading

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Going dark by way of the sun

The time has come.  The blog has gone somewhat dark for the next two months.  We have headed off on our long-awaited bike tour of Patagonia.  We started off with a 16-hour bus ride to Bariloche, Argentina from where we … Continue reading

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