House guests from Brazil

photo by Laura Sobenes

Last week we said good-bye to three cyclists from Sao Paulo, Brazil.  They came to us via Santiago, Chile where they had gone to the see the Lallapalooza festival.  After many days lost in the black hole of Valparaiso, they eventually found their way to Mendoza.  Bruno, Laura, and Ian are three bike activists in their twenties who met one another via ‘critical mass’ rides.  They were a pleasure to host; exceptionally out-going, wonderful with Frances and Solana, excellent English, way into music and art.  Bruno is a computer programmer who found us on ‘warmshowers’ and decided he just had to meet us (thanks for your perseverance), Laura is a photographer who took the above ‘light drawing’ picture, and Ian works in film production.  Together, we had some nice bike rides, fun conversation, meals, game playing, and exchanging of digital music (thank you Bruno and Ian!).  In Sao Paulo they ride fixed gear, stencil streets to create bike paths, and they work with a program know as Bike Angels (bikeanjo), a bike advocacy group, which, among other activities, offers to initiate and orient new cyclists to the challenges of urban cycling in Sao Paulo.  Thanks again for your visit.  Até logo.

About jdicus

I am a Spanish and social studies teacher on year-long sabbatical in Mendoza, Argentina. Our family consists of myself, wife Jenny Breen, and daughters Solana and Frances. With this blog we endeavor to chronicle our experience living abroad.
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3 Responses to House guests from Brazil

  1. Janet says:

    Great Photos, great times. Living vicariously with your stories. What great guests. Life is soo good. Gearing up for Mayday, looks like it may be a warm one instead of a cold one. Hi to Solana & Frances!

  2. brunogola says:

    Hey Jon, Jenny, Frances and Solana!! Thank you so much for everything! You truly inspired me.

    We are back to São Paulo and missing you guys since we left your home. That’s something I really love about travelling using CouchSurfing and WarmShowers: you always meet the most awesome people ever 🙂

    And I hope we can meet again somewhere =D


  3. Jon …
    You’ve the best family ever!

    We are home already, back in Brazil, but spending a few days there was home as well!
    Hope this next trip of yours to be so interesting as many others to come!

    I’ll see you around…

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