Back “home” in Mendoza

On March 2, we arrived back in Mendoza from our bike tour after a 20-hour bus ride from San Martin de los Andes, exactly two months to the day since leaving Mendoza on January 2.  (Above photo taken in Parque Nacional Los Alerces in Argentina).

Some fun facts and statistics
Kilometers pedaled= +700
Longest day= 50 kms. (No one said it was a race!)
Average speed= 10-14 km/hour (lots of gravel and hills!)
Days (or portions of) spent riding on actual paved roads= 8 (luxurious riding compared to the ‘ripio’.  ‘Nuf said.)
Nights sleeping in a tent (that’s right, four of us in one tent!)= 56 (out of 60)
Flat tires= 0 (zero).  Thank you Schwalbe Marathon Tour Plus tires.
One-pot meals cooked on our camp stove= +80 (lost count).
Number of times clothes were washed= 4.  (We like how we smell.  Bet you would too!)
Roadside pee breaks= countless.  Jenny and the girls are experts!
Rides or buses taken with the bikes= 8
Number of trip-stopping cracks at one time in Jon’s rear pannier rack= 3
Number of non-trip-stopping stitches in Jenny’s leg= 5 (She’s a rock!)
Pieces of gum chewed= ask Jenny!
Number of time we were asked if the girls “get tired”= lost count (But seriously, people could not get their head around the idea of young girls doing this.  The gender bias was all too clear.)
Number of camp fires= 2 (unheard of by Argentine/Chilean standards)
Number of pictures and video taken of us while biking= more than we’ll ever know, but it made us feel famous
Number of words of encouragement left on our blog and on FB= THANK YOU!

The blog will be updated now with more regularity as we attempt to chronicle our current activities as well as provide some badly needed documentation of our bike adventure in northern Patagonia.

Thanks to all who have followed us on our adventure thus far and to all of those who have subscribed to the blog, many of whom we know and some that we don’t. We hope you keep reading and looking!

También un fuerte saludo y agradecimiento a todos Uds. que de una forma u otra nos echó una mano durante nuestro viaje en bicicleta.  Sin su ayuda no hubiéramos podido realizar este viaje.  La buena voluntad de todos nos ha marcado profundamente y ha sido un tema de continua conversación entre la familia.  Nos sentimos humildad frente toda la ayuda y buenos deseos que formaron una parte inolvidable de nuestro viaje.

About jdicus

I am a Spanish and social studies teacher on year-long sabbatical in Mendoza, Argentina. Our family consists of myself, wife Jenny Breen, and daughters Solana and Frances. With this blog we endeavor to chronicle our experience living abroad.
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13 Responses to Back “home” in Mendoza

  1. Laura Johansson says:

    Welcome back to Mendoza. Glad to know the trip went so well. Were your ears burning tonight? We were all talking about you at the MYSL end-of-season potluck – with Linda and Eric and Peter, etc.. Wishisng you well and looking forward to seeing more photos from your trip. Good luck getting back into life in Mendoza…my most difficult time was getting back after 3 weeks out of Valparaiso during winter break….hope it’s easier for you guys.

    Abrazos fuertes,
    Laura, Daniel, Teo y Grace

  2. JJ Kahle says:

    Congratulations on a remarkable and life-changing family trek! The blog entries and pictures were wonderful! I have followed your trip with curiosity and such admiration for all you’ve invested–and in return, gained–from your trip. Cheers on your safe return!

  3. Marilyn Kelley says:

    Echo the congratulations! I too, loved the pictures and all that you shared. Your trip was amazing and with great joy that all of you have had a safe journey! Yeah!!

  4. Jeannine Balfour says:

    Congratulations Jenny, Jon, Solana, Franny!!!!! Wow!!! Unbelievable. Now translate the kilos into miles….

  5. Galleta says:

    Incredible adventure story. What a life-changing experience for these young girls. One day when they have accomplished an incredible feat, they will be interviewed about how they ever conceived of doing such a thing. They’ll start out with….that’s just what my life is like….when I was a kid my family took this trip to South America…….

  6. Aviva Breen says:

    Congratulations on completing this adventure or should I say these adventures. I don’t know if it was more than you bargained for but it certainly was an impresive series of exciting moments. Very glad you are “home” and hope you continue to update your record of the whole experience . Maybe it’s a book in the making. Hugs to you all

  7. Bruce says:

    Thanks to all of you for letting me escape into the Andes mountains with your stories of adventure and travel! So fun to live vicariously through the Fabolous Four! Thanks so much for not only embarking on this goodwill ambassadorship (which this country sorely needs) but also for taking us a long for the ride. Fantastico!

  8. Alejandro says:

    Great adventure! Congratulations. On your paragraph in Spanish the word “humillados” doesn’t work well. It means “humiliated” or “offended” which I am sure you were not. Perhaps you were thinking of humbled in English, which in Spanish will be more like “honrados” or even better “sentimos humildad” (I can’t think of one word in Spanish to captured humbled, sorry).

  9. Marion says:

    Hi there all of you,

    It was so nice to meet you at Casa Perla in Puerto Montt. Loved your two girls, it was a flashback for us, from the times we traveled with our girls. We have come home save again, and today i am with my two granddaughters. They had grown so much during the month we traveled, especially Julia who is almost 5 months now. And Isa is starting to talk more. I love it all. I hope the rest of your time in Mendoza will be great! And jenny, i would love to have a your cookbook. Is it possible that a copy can come to Holland????

    love Gert-Jan and Marion

  10. Jacquelynn Goessling says:

    I’ve been checking in now and then, here and there and love the travelogue, but I didn’t know that you’d been on your bikes for TWO MONTHS! Woot! Good job, neighbors! We have a new baby on the block (Sean and Sara Mahmud have a new girl, Josephine) and Steve & Peggy’s cat Gertie was run over and killed, but not much else is new here on Pleasant Avenue.

    What beautiful scenery and what a great trip. Congratulations on your feat!

    It must be strange to be in one place…


  11. Janet Johnson says:

    Love the statistics!

  12. Nury Saavedra says:

    Realmente entretenido, solo fueron al Sur de Argentina????
    Esperamos ver fotos del largo viaje,
    Muchos abrazos desde Chile!

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