Take a look!

We are about 6 weeks into our trip, we have pedaled almost 600 kilometers and paddled a few too, received extraordinary kindness from strangers including rides over difficult terrain, tea and cake in the warmth of a motorhome and lugging the bikes (and us) between ferries through the pouring rain.  We have seen volcanoes and fjords, glaciers and rivers, camped amidst the mountains, islands, shellfish, and rolling hills of Patagonia.  We are exhilarated and exhausted and full of stories and experiences to share.

Many of you are wondering what we are seeing and how we look. Jon is holding out to organize our hundreds (thousands?) of photos when we return to Mendoza, but I thought I´d give a glimpse of our world of late (keep in mind that the editing is less than ideal).  Enjoy, and watch for more soon!

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About jdicus

I am a Spanish and social studies teacher on year-long sabbatical in Mendoza, Argentina. Our family consists of myself, wife Jenny Breen, and daughters Solana and Frances. With this blog we endeavor to chronicle our experience living abroad.
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9 Responses to Take a look!

  1. Michele B says:


  2. Brian says:

    Are a couple photos showing the results of the Chilean volcano ash? And you must explain the dessicated animal carcasses hanging on the fencepost!

    • jdicus says:

      The ash is from the eruption of the Chaiten volcano, about 4 years ago. We rode right through the worst of it. Brian, I am still trying to explain those carcasses. Foxes or stray dogs? Yikes.

  3. Marilyn kelley says:

    Jon and family,

    Wow – incredible pictures and look forward to your travelogue.


  4. Bruce says:

    Beautiful people in beautiful places. Do post more.

  5. Aviva Breen says:

    It’s great to get a little taste of the breadth of your experiences. I hope are keeping journals so you can provide lots of details and just in case you can’t remember where you’ve been! and penguins! lucky ducks
    Quite an adventure.

  6. Laura Johansson says:

    Hey guys,
    Great getting a little glimpse of the road. It looks incredible. Nothing like an epic journey to bond over. Is that curanto? Are the penguins on Chiloe or are you further south? Enjoy – can’t wait to see more. Saludos de nuestra familia, Lojo, Dan, Grace and Theo

  7. Jeannine Balfour says:

    This is all unbelievable. I am blown away that you are doing this. What an amazing, incredible, trip of a lifetime. Your girls are getting something they will never forget for the rest of their lives. And when they are older, they will look back at this and think “wow, I can’t believe that our parents had the courage to take us on such a trip”. It will shape them forever. What a beautiful journey.

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