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Anectdotes from the road…por entregas No. 2

Although we have a rough idea of an itinerary, we are not on a schedule.  We don’t have to be anywhere by a given date.  Even if we did have a schedule, we would have to abandon it.  The road … Continue reading

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Lessons from the road…por entregas No. 1

Here in northern Patagonia, cyclists abound.  When we come across one another, we often stop to check in:  Where are you from?  Coming from where?  Going where?  How is the road?  Where can we camp?  Was there much traffic?  And, … Continue reading

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Take a look!

We are about 6 weeks into our trip, we have pedaled almost 600 kilometers and paddled a few too, received extraordinary kindness from strangers including rides over difficult terrain, tea and cake in the warmth of a motorhome and lugging … Continue reading

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