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Rivadavia, Verde, Arrayanes …

Hi, this is Solana. We started biking through this big National Park called Parque Nacional Los Alerces and we have stayed at lot´s of campings as they say here. 1-                 LAGO RIVADAVIA The … Continue reading

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Monday we finally pulled ourselves away from the idyllic scene of the strawberry farm and hit the road again.  The timing was good as over the weekend the farm recieved 6 new volunteers, doubling the size of their workforce, but … Continue reading

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Going dark by way of the sun

The time has come.  The blog has gone somewhat dark for the next two months.  We have headed off on our long-awaited bike tour of Patagonia.  We started off with a 16-hour bus ride to Bariloche, Argentina from where we … Continue reading

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Sharing Mate

Sharing Mate.  Socializing in Argentina is synonymous with drinking mate (pronounced ma-te).  Mate is an acquired taste, especially if drunk bitter, without sugar.  Jenny and the girls have all tried it, and Jenny continues to drink it socially.  I have … Continue reading

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