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¿Cómo vivimos?- un tour del departamento en español

A look at life in our apartment via a narrated slide show.  Some of the more mundane features such as elevators, rooms, floors, heating and cooling, and electrical outlets.  This is by request from a colleague teaching 7th grade Spanish.

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Mural art from a gallery exhibit here in Mendoza.  My take on the provoking visual permutations: “see no…, hear no…, speak no…”  See= voyeurism.  I would like to think we are all innocent birdwatchers, but I know better.  The fascination … Continue reading

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Bike hard and eat well

Last Sunday was the final stage of the Mendocup mountain bike race series. On the premise that I wanted to see some new landscapes I signed up for the 56km race. I had heard about the tortuous ‘caracoles’- as the … Continue reading

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School in Argentina- Diferencias y similitudes MP3 AUDIO

A Spanish colleague of mine at Blake requested some content related to school activities. Solana, Frances, and I sat down and went over some diferences and similarities. They recited their observations in Spanish without writing anything down. Granted we paused … Continue reading

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Birthdays for an 8-year-old MC and a 10-year-old silver medalist!

Solana and Frances turned 10 and 8 years old, respectively, in October. For the younger grades, the tradition is to invite the entire classroom to a party. Frances wanted to celebrate her party in a ‘pelotero’, which consists of a … Continue reading

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