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Jenny’s take on being an ‘outsider’ and an article on the topic

We have just crossed the two-month mark in Argentina! In many ways it is amazing that we are already 1/6 of the way through this year. In other ways, I am still floundering a bit, not sure what my purpose … Continue reading

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Is Argentina part of Latin America? and other ramblings…

Lyrics of “Latinoamerica” in Spanish and English You really didn’t see much, if, any of Argentina in the above video of Calle 13 (Puerto Rico) and their hit “Latin America.”  (By the way, if you didn’t recognize them, the two … Continue reading

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Extreme language immersion

Some Minneapolis friends living in Valparaiso, Chile posted this video on their blog.  Our girls, Frances and Solana, loved watching it.  Click on the image to watch video.

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More Stencil Graffiti: Streets of Mendoza and beyond

In Minneapolis we often equate graffiti with tagging, as this is the most prominent form of street painting.  Of course, we have excellent examples of graffiti wall art, such as on the Midtown Greenway in Seward neighborhood, or the walls … Continue reading

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The Twilight Zone: El Viento Zonda

Yesterday, Franny was listening to the Beatles’ ‘I am the Walrus’ and spinning around like a whirling dervish, in search of that certain body-mind disorientation so loved by some children. When she appeared to have attained the desired ecstasy, she promptly … Continue reading

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Who drinks wine?

Who drinks wine?  “Wine is not for those who know wine, but for those who know how to live.”  This commercial was produced by a group of smaller vineyards in Mendoza, in an effort to promote the place wine has … Continue reading

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Desafío a los Senderos mountain bike race/rally

Saturday, September 10th was the “Desafío a los Senderos” (Challenge at the trails) mountain bike race/rally.  (Notice the English language influence in the poster- rally, mountain bike, biker. Subway and Gatorade were sponsors; we all got a Subway sandwich and … Continue reading

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El Día del Maestro (Day of the Teacher)

On Friday, September 9th Argentina observed the día del maestro, or day of the teacher, and the girls’ school, San Andrés, held a special ceremony honoring their teachers (the actual holiday is Sept. 11th). “The education that leaves a lasting … Continue reading

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Hiking in Quebrada de los Berros

Hey guys its Franny.  Here’s some highlights of our hike in  Quebrada de los Berros #1 chilling: so we sat down to eat & instead of eating we played ‘laugh our head off’, one of them was when i fell … Continue reading

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San Martin Flag Day

General José de San Martin, considered to be the liberator of southern South America from Spanish rule, was at one time governor of the region that includes Mendoza, and it was from the city of Mendoza that he launched his … Continue reading

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