The sidewalks (and doors) of Mendoza

(A post from Jenny)

Mendoza is a medium sized city-similar in some ways to Minneapolis.  To the West are the foothills of the Andes, a beautiful site every morning, and to the East is the arid country side of olives and grapes. It is dry, with palms, cactus and other succulents. The city is busy, crowded and somewhat nondescript.  There are a few beautiful old buildings, and numerous plazas and little parks.

What stands out here, and continues to fascinate me, are the sidewalks.  Every sidewalk in this entire city is tile!  Not the same tile, some are marble, some are ceramic, and some are stone.  Some are square and some have patterns, some are large and some are small, and they come in every color.  People seem to take great pride in their sidewalks. Most are out every day sweeping, scrubbing and even cleaning the cracks.  Walking on them is an interesting experience-it feels somehow elegant.  At the same time, it can be treacherous, as some areas are cracked or they have buckled on top of tree roots, and I can’t for the life of me figure out how the women here walk in heels, but they do!

Complementing these stunning sidewalks are the doors, and iron gates.  The houses in the city tend to be very close to the sidewalk, with small yards and big doors.  They are boxy and square, with a kind of adobe or Southwestern look.  Many of the doors are pieces of art themselves.  Stunning heavy  golden or amber colored wood, some with intricate carvings and patterns.  I marvel every time I walk down the street!

I have tried to capture some of these images….

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About jdicus

I am a Spanish and social studies teacher on year-long sabbatical in Mendoza, Argentina. Our family consists of myself, wife Jenny Breen, and daughters Solana and Frances. With this blog we endeavor to chronicle our experience living abroad.
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2 Responses to The sidewalks (and doors) of Mendoza

  1. karnkristi says:

    Andrew: Is it fun to walk on them?

  2. Brian says:

    I don’t know if Mendoza is the same as Buenos Aires, but in B.A. the sidewalks are nutty and irregular because each segment of sidewalk is the responsibility of the individual property owner, not any central civic authority.

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