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The sidewalks (and doors) of Mendoza

(A post from Jenny) Mendoza is a medium sized city-similar in some ways to Minneapolis.  To the West are the foothills of the Andes, a beautiful site every morning, and to the East is the arid country side of olives … Continue reading

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Poetry and Tongue twisters- the girls begin to acquire language

Frances Poesía 1     Solana Tongue Twister 1   (Click on links to hear the audio samples) Solana and Frances are making progress with their Spanish, despite the fact that many of their peers at school do speak decent English.  I have … Continue reading

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Our first trip to the mountains

This past weekend we were planning a get away to the mountains.  The girls had each been invited to birthday parties on Saturday- Frances was invited to a party at the Portuguese ambassador’s house, from which she returned with rich … Continue reading

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More creative uses of cargo bikes


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Fixed Gear- the musical clown

Last Sunday we headed to the Prado del Gaucho in Parque San Martin to celebrate the Día del Niño (day of the child). The prado was packed with middle and lower class Argentines with their picnics and the omnipresent ‘mate’- … Continue reading

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Today’s bike ride

I hooked up with some local bikers and we road for a few hours. From our apartment we can only see the foothills. On today’s ride I was able to see the Cordón de Plata, which is a front range … Continue reading

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Visit to Familia Zuccardi winery

Jenny did a post on the our visit to the Familia Zuccardi winery on her blog (  It is worth reading.  Here is a brief podcast from the visit.  The Zuccardi winery is a beautiful place.  The vineyard, bodega, and … Continue reading

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From Blake teacher to quasi Blake parent?

Solana and Frances are attending the most prestigious private school in Mendoza. And the most expensive. How did we get ourselves into this situation? It is a long answer. But here we are. I now find myself a member of … Continue reading

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Adult education workshops

Soon after our arrival I was introduced to a wonderful program called “classrooms for free time” (aulas para el tiempo libre). A local university offers dozens of inexpensive, informal, adult education classes. Last week I visited several and I am … Continue reading

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Italian Food in Mendoza

Fresh pastas can be found not only in grocery stores but there are also shops that sell all kinds of varieties of ravioli, fetuccini, and ñoqui (gnocchi).  We have sampled some, including a ravioli with ricotta and almonds, and long … Continue reading

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